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We offer all kinds of meat in addition to poultry and fish. Our frozen products are premium quality, waste-free and easy to prepare. We ensure that their freshness is preserved throughout our implementation process.
Blue Fish
Red Snapper
Bonito Fish-Ecuador
Yellow Croaker
Pacific Mackerel
Pacific Herring
Pangasius WR
Grey Mullet
Yellow Tails
Red Pacu
Horse Mackerel
Beef Breast bones
Beef Brisket bone in
Beef cheek meat
Beef Flanks Bone in (70/75/80 VL)
Beef Flanks Boneless (70/75/80 VL)
Beef Full Forequarter
Beef Robbed Forequarter
Beef Hindquarter Cuts
Beef Green Tripes
Beef hearts
Beef Industrial Meat
Beef kidneys
Beef Lips
Beef Lungs
Beef Burned Masks
Beef Bleached Masks
Beef neck Bones
Beef Sangria
Beef Sinews
Beef snouts
Beef Tails
Beef Thick Skirt
Beef Throats
Veal Feet
Lamb Feet
Lamb heads
Lamb Breast bones
Buffalo FQ 93-95-98 VL
Buffalo FQ Small Cut 93 VL
Buffalo hearts
Buffalo Kidneys
Buffalo Lips
Buffalo Livers
Buffalo Lungs
Buffalo Tripes
Buffalo Snouts
Buffalo Hind quarters 93/95/98 VL
Buffalo Compensated 93/95/98 VL
Rooster leg quarters 6 pics
Rooster wings 5 pics
Light hen wings
Light Hen Breast Bone in
Light Hen Breast Boneless
Light hen leg quarters
Light hen leg quarters b grade
Light whole naked hens A Grade (8-13 Pcs)
Light whole naked Hens B grade (8-13 Pcs)
Light whole hens IWP (900 to 1400 grs )
Heavy hen wings A Grade
Heavy hen Wings B Grade Miss cuts
Heavy hen leg quarters A Grade
Heavy hen leg quarters B grade
Light hen carcass
Heavy hen Carcass
Hen Feet A Grade
Turkey Gizzards
Turkey Midwings
Turkey Necks
Turkey prime Wings
Turkey Tails
Turkey Wings 2 Joints - Mid + Prime
Turkey Wings 2 Joints - Mid + Tip
Turkey Wings 3 Joints
Turkey Wings Tips
Chicken Breast Boneless - 12 or 15 kg
Chicken Drumsticks A grade
Chicken Drumsticks B grade
Chicken Feet A Grade 35 Up
Chicken Feet B Grade 35 Up
Chicken Feet C grade - Unprocessed
Chicken Franks 340 Grams
Chicken Gizzards - 1 kg bag
Chicken Gizzards - Block Pack
Chicken Grillers A grade
Chicken Grillers B Grade
Chicken Leg quarters (Small / Medium / Large)
Chicken lower Backs
Chicken MDM/MSM
Chicken Mid-wings
Chicken Mortadella 0,5 Kg
Chicken Mortadella 1 kg
Chicken Necks Skin On
Chicken Prime Wings
Chicken Tails
Chicken upper backs
Chicken wings A Grade - 2 Joints
Chicken Wings A Grade - Bulk
Chicken Wings A Grade - Layer pack
Chicken Wings A Grade - Pipistrello
Chicken Wings B Grade - Pipistrello
Chicken Wings B Grade - 3 jts
Chicken Wings b Grade - Split
Chicken Wings C Grade
Pork back bones
Pork Chops
Pork ear Drums
Pork Front feet A grade
Pork Front feet B grade
Pork Half heads with cheeks without Ears
Pork hearts
Pork Hind feet A grade
Pork hind feet B grade
Pork Kidneys
Pork Knee Bones
Pork masks A grade
Pork masks B grade
Pork Meaty Riblets B grade
Pork Meaty Riblets Brazil
Pork Meaty Riblets Europe
Pork Mini Riblets
Pork Neck Bones
Pork Piano Bones
Pork Flat Bones
Pork Riblets + Neck bones
Pork Semi Meaty Riblets
Pork Shaved riblets
Pork Snouts Bone in & Boneless
Pork Soft Bones
Pork Spare Ribs
Pork Sternums Short Cut
Pork Sternums Long Cut
Pork Tailbones
Pork Tails French Cut
Pork Tails Long & Short Cut
Pork Tails Short Cut
Pork Tails with tailbones
Pork Throats
Pork Tongue Root Meat
Pork Whole Heads
Sow Feet
Sow neck bone
Sow Riblets meaty
Sow Riblets Shaved
Sow Sternums
Sow Tails
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